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nada ●Centre. Plea■se scan th○e QR Code to follow ●us on Instagra〓mPlease scan the QR ◆Code to follow us● on WechatTeam Can■ada, the two-●time reigning Olym◆pic champs, and h●osts of the tou●rnament will be hea●vy favourites when ●they take on Team○ Europe

s r〓epresenting all ?/h3>

-- a squad m●ade up of playe■rs from 8 ●different nations.20○16 World Cup of Ho●ckey: Hosts h◆ave won 14○ games in a

鰑nderdogs. And the ■

row in■ major competi○tions2016 World Cup○ of Hockey○: Hosts have 〓won 14 games ■in a row in major◆ competitions09-●

three-game ◆final beg

27-2016 10:45 BJTTe●am Canada, the two-■time reignin〓g Olympic champ○s, and hosts● of the tou●rnament will be h〓eavy

ins Tuesd◆ay night i?/h3>

favourites ●when they 〓take on Tea〓m Europe -- a squad■ made up of player◆s from 8 different● nations.Team● Canada ha

 Toronto, or T-O, o?/h3>

s hi◆story on their sid■e, having neve○r lost a bes■t-on-best to■urnament game ev〓er in the city of○ Toronto, the si?/p>

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駎e of this year's 〓World Cup. And ■their coach, Mike● Babcock has◆ only won gol■d as coach of th〓e red and wh〓ite.And the Canad〓ians have been fa◆r and away ◆the best team○ in the tournament● -- unbeaten th■rough four games, ●outscoring the oppos〓ition by

, or ●the 6ix

a 19-6〓 count, includ●ing a 4-1 ●win over the Eur●os

, or the■ Big

in pool 〓play, but that do〓es not matter〓 now, that

Smoke●, or H

it is ■winner take 〓all."They loo■k pretty go●od to

og tow○n. The

me. I said ●yesterday, I like th■eir back-end, I like?/p>

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?their goalte◆nder, I like th〓eir centre-ice. The■y're organised, the●y play hard, ev■eryone is playing● for the team,◆" said Mike Babcock●, Team Canada coach●."They seem to● have reall◆y enjoyed one anothe◆r, they're pl●aying hard for ○one another.〓 They

is also a●

look like◆ a good team to me a〓nd that's wh○o we're playing an○d we're excited t◆o play them." "●To be

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e● of the U

hones●t when we played the〓m (in the Rou◆nd Robin), I thoug●ht they were p○laying sound hocke〓y and t


most Canadi

hey ha◆ve been play■ing that all th〓e way through◆out," said P●atrice Bergeron●, Team Canada f〓orward

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ir TV ■sets

."They h〓ave beaten● some really good te〓ams and they prov●ed it again yeste■rday. I kn◆ew it was goin

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o of ■the series goes Th●ursday night, and if● it goes the di〓stance, that is set■ for Saturday〓 at the Air Ca
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